Finding the Right Internet Package for Your Home

It is a struggle to find the right internet package for your home. There are so many technical details involved that users aren’t usually aware of, which is what is part of the main issue when it comes to looking for a good deal. 

Some of the best home and internet deals that you find often turn out to be inadequate or are missing certain things that you would have expected out of the bundle that you subscribed to. Then again every internet service provider has its own bundle and features, followed by its own terms and conditions.

What to Consider When Choosing an Internet Service Provider  

Here are a few points you must consider when choosing an internet service provider or a bundle to subscribe to.


You probably see the word ‘bandwidth’ when looking up anything internet-related. The term basically measures the volume of information that the transmission medium can sustain per unit of time. Everybody opts for fast internet speeds for different reasons whatsoever, but it is not always that you get the same level of speed as your package suggests, so it’s always great to take a referral from someone already using the particular service you are trying to go for.


When you see advertisements for certain packages, they look like the perfect ones that you would wish to subscribe to. And then the problem sets in when it says it’s not available in your area. Certain providers offer different packages to different regions, and some only operate in specific regions instead of across the entire country.

Type of Internet

There are two types of internet connections as of present: Fiber internet and cable internet. Fiber internet services are relatively new, and the fastest technology for internet connectivity, whereas cable internet, is the standard we’re used to since before – it uses the same cables that transmit TV services. Of course, anybody would opt for fiber internet connectivity, but because it is a new technology, it is still not widely available across the country.


The price that you pay for any internet plan or bundle that combines other services like cable TV of home, telephone, should reflect what services and features are offered in the said plan. If the price for a separate internet plan is closer to that of a bundle that offers you cable TV for instance, wouldn’t you opt for that instead? 

Picking something based on price should also be done based on your priority; students would probably have no use of cable TV since they probably prefer using the internet to stream shows instead of wanting to watch live TV.

Best Bundles in Under $120

WOW! Medium TV + Internet 200

Get a wholesome entertainment experience with the WOW! Medium TV + Internet 200 package; an all-inclusive bundle that combines both WOW! cable TV and its Internet service – at an amazing price! Its digital TV service is incredible, with an On-Demand library, one of the best channel lineups in the country, and includes the option to get DVR with your bundle. WOW! does not offer contracts that end up binding customers under any obligations. 

The package retails for $104.99 per month and here is what it includes:

  • Up to 130 channels and all in HD.
  • WOW! cable TV that includes a diverse channel lineup with some of the most popular local and national networks.
  • An On-Demand library that can be accessed on any device through the WOW! tv+ app, that is downloadable onto your smartphones and tablets. 
  • WOW! uses fiber internet connectivity, with broadband speeds as fast as 200 Mbps and unlimited data.

Spectrum Double Play Silver

Spectrum is dubbed the First Choice of America by many experts and honestly, we agree with that. Its Spectrum Silver packages are the best ones that customers usually opt for, given their prices and the features that are included within those packages. Spectrum sets the bar high for its competitors, since they can get you out of your current contract if you subscribe to its Spectrum Silver Double Play package. Its TV services, when paired with its reliable, high-speed Internet, makes for the perfect bundle that is affordable, and perfect for home usage. 

The best one yet of all the Spectrum Silver packages is the Spectrum Double Play Silver that retails for $119.98 per month. Here’s what it includes:

  • Around 175 channels in HD that include some of the national favorites such as HBO Max, Nick Jr, Showtime, and NFL Network.
  • The Spectrum TV App lets users watch anything while they are on the go.
  • Comes with a Spectrum Internet subscription with download speeds of up to 200 Mbps.
  • Upon subscription to the Double Play Silver package, customers get a free modem and anti-virus software to install in order to protect their home network.

Always consider the above-mentioned pointers when choosing an internet package for your home. The internet service provider is what matters most, and only then does the content of the package matter. To check out internet packages from some of the top providers of the nation, head on over to today.