How the Pandemic Changed the Digital Marketing Game

There is no denying that present circumstances are vastly different compared to how it was in 2019. It is almost boggling to the mind how different things have become, even if many aspects of life have evolved. The COVID-19 crisis rages on, and while every possible avenue is being explored regarding its eventual eradication, it is still taking some time. Like most things, digital marketing has also changed, though not necessarily for the worse. Companies in Boston still use a dependable Boston digital marketing agency because of how well it has adapted to the current business marketplace.

That said, how has the pandemic changed the field of marketing, specifically on the digital side of things? It’s a crucial question to answer, as it can help companies and ambitious entrepreneurs figure out how best to chase success. So here are just a few interesting tidbits that could potentially change how company owners feel about marketing.

Print/traditional marketing has taken the hardest hit.

Due to so many people staying thanks to the pandemic, it is no wonder why print marketing has experienced hit after hit. Most marketing experts are looking for ways to incorporate their tactics in the digital world, as there is little chance for traditional marketing in today’s world, at least not without help.

Without a doubt, the writing was already on the wall regarding traditional marketing against internet marketing. It was clear the former was being overrun by the latter, though the pandemic has expedited the process by quite a bit. Now, even companies focused on print marketing are trying to jump ship.

A shift in the marketing industry due to the consumers.

The point of marketing is to get the attention of potential customers in various ways. The pandemic has forced most people to work from home and spend most of their time staving off possible infection by staying indoors. As a result, consumers are much more likely to make purchases from the comfort of their homes. 

While it might be seen as a step backward due to the COVID-19 crisis, it presents an incredible opportunity for those looking to start an online store or business. Suddenly, the demand for online products and services is at an all-time high — which means there is an opportunity for companies to earn no matter the industry.

The foundation of digital marketing has changed for the better.

As stated above, marketing is much more focused on the digital space due to the pandemic. As far as whether it is in a better state, there is no denying that internet marketing is the talk of the town. These days, no company can survive without the help of an internet marketing agency.

Undoubtedly, the foundation of internet marketing has changed for the better, though is it something that will stick when the pandemic ends? Considering how used to online products and services people have gotten over the years, the chances are that such a form of marketing will always be relevant. It has gotten to the point where internet marketing is now considered evergreen. For as long as the Internet exists, so too will digitized marketing, allowing more and more companies to make the most of their opportunities.


While it is undoubtedly unfortunate that the pandemic continues to rage, people are finding a way to make a living despite all of the trouble. Marketing in the digitized world is experiencing the most significant boost in popularity and technological advances, which means the face of internet marketing will continue to change for the better.