What exactly are Instagram Reels? The Complete Guide

Instagram Reels are a different short-form video option available within the Instagram platform. It gives brands and users new ways to publish content. Reels were launched worldwide in the year 2020 in response to the growing popularity of TikTok. TikTok videos are typically shared in the form of Instagram Reels. However, it is essential to know that, as of February 2021, the Instagram algorithm has begun to reduce the importance of Reels that have that TikTok watermark. You should be aware of this when you implement your crossposting plan.

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What exactly are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels can be described as a function within Instagram that allows people to post videos of a short duration which can later be shared to stories or displayed in Explore. Explore page.

Reels can be captured inside Instagram or from outside and transferred to Instagram. They share many features with TikTok (which is older than Reels by two years) in particular, using music as well, current trends in fashion, content, and fun and exciting effects.

One of the main benefits of uploading Reels to Instagram for brands and influencers is that they’re made to be seen by people who do not already follow you. The Reels the user sees are determined by the algorithm’s analysis of accounts that the user could like.

In other words, if a person is a fan of or interacts with a lot of influential fashion bloggers, Instagram stars display Reels that are from influencers in the fashion industry and brands that they do not currently follow. The more content users interact (liking comments, liking, and sharing) with Reels, the more data the algorithm can gather about the user. Those interactions will affect the kind of content that is displayed.

When do did Reels launch?

Instagram Reels launched their beta phase in Brazil in 2019 before expanding across 50+ nations by the latter half of 2020.

Do you own Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are accessible across 50+ countries across the globe. It is unnecessary to have many followers or a business profile to access Reels. Anyone who has an Instagram profile can access the feature, create as well as post-Instagram Reels.

How long do you think Reels be?

Like Instagram Stories and TikTok videos, Instagram Reels are designed to be a short version. When Reels first started, the maximum length for the videos was 30 seconds. Since then, it has now been increased to 60 seconds. The sweet spot remains in between the 15-30 seconds or less.

Where can I find Reels via Instagram?

One of the significant adjustments that Instagram introduced in 2020 was where to find Reels. The previous system was that Reels on Instagram could only be seen via the Explore section or the profile of a user, which resulted in a low number of viewers of the latest video content. After the initial launch globally, Instagram made the access point for finding Reels significantly more prominent, shifting it into the middle in the navigation bar located at the lower right at the bottom.

You can view the member’s Reels on the profile page when you click the same icon at the top of the bar that shows the profile navigation beneath Highlights.

What’s the difference between Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories?

The significant distinction between the two Reels the Stories and Reels Stories is that they are both permanent. Although you can add Stories to your favorites, they possess an ethereal feel compared to IG Reels, which are saved to your profile on an area of your profile.

In addition, Reels provide more editing capabilities, allowing them to appear more polished and professional than Instagram Story.

How to Create an Instagram Reel

Creating an Instagram reel may be a little difficult initially, particularly with all the options to choose from. However, we’re here to help you understand the process by providing a step-by-step tutorial. It’ll take time to make your videos as smooth and polished as they can be the learning curve is high, but the learning curve will level out reasonably quickly.

You can begin by recording an image on your phone, uploading it to Instagram and editing it, or shooting, editing, and uploading Reels using the Instagram app. For this tutorial, we’ll walk you through this process.

Note that you must utilize a mobile device to make your Instagram Reel. This functionality isn’t accessible on the desktop.

  1. Navigate to Instagram, then create Reel. 

There are three methods to access the screen to create Reels: through the homepage screen, if you have a profile, or through your Stories camera.

  1. From the Instagram home screen of Instagram.

  2. The Story Camera

  3. In the Reels tab

  4. Select effects, media, and video parameters

You’re now ready to design how you’d like your video to look and sound before beginning to shoot.

On the left side of your screen, you’ll find a list of options that begin with music choices.

From the top-down, choices are:

  • Audio
  • Length
  • Speed
  • Effects
  • Touch-up
  • Timer

Instagram Reels audio

Audio tracks and music are ubiquitous in Reels. The famous tracks frequently used are significant in Reel fashions and trends. They are easy to recognize.

The music library for Reels includes “original audio” and music tracks. Businesses who have accounts on Instagram might not have access to some audio due to certain restrictions on copyright. Still, you can efficiently work around this issue to change your account to the “Creator” understanding. Please find out how to do this in our Instagram for businesses guide.

If you view an Instagram Reel, you can check the audio used by checking the bottom of the screen beneath the caption.

Instagram Reel length

Instagram Reels can run up to 60 seconds in length. This is a reasonably new modification as the initial duration was 30 seconds.


You can choose to accelerate or slow down certain portions of your video to create a striking effect. Using a different speed can be helpful in situations like showing how a product is constructed (a quick motion video is suggested) or leading the way a dress moves when you spin (slow motion produces a stunning perspective).


An Instagram phenomenon Effects and filters! This is where you can choose the way your videos will appear visually. You can give it a vintage feel or add sparkle or even a split-screen. There are endless possibilities!


The touchup feature assists in balancing your facial and lighting features while removing the appearance of blemishes and lines. This feature is most effective for portraits of IG Reels rather than shooting landscapes or other types.


The timer can be helpful in times when you’ll need to split your Reel into a collection of clips that are the same length, or you are sure you’ll need to include an intro and an outro.

When you launch the timer feature, you’ll be able to see a slider bar where you can select the duration of the clip and a selection of how long the timer will be to count you in. You can choose a 3-second countdown or a 10-second countdown.

  1. Record-breaking hit

Once you’ve established the necessary parameters for the length of your video and the look and feel, you’re ready to begin recording! Reels on Instagram range from elaborate editing (which will require you to use multiple clips in your 15- 30, 30-, and 60 second Reel) to very basic or two shots.

  1. Post your reel

When you’re pleased with the outcome, it’s time to share! The screen you use to post Instagram Reel is precisely like what you see when posting a picture on Instagram.

The primary difference is that you can choose an image to cover the cover of your reel by using your camera roll. Additionally, you can decide to post your Reel to your profile page and the Reels tab. This is recommended to boost exposure for your reel.

Tips: Instagram Reel captions contain the text in only one paragraph when viewers are watching. Viewers can extend captions, but they are then buried in the bottom part of the clip. Be aware of this when you write your caption. You can use a pointing down emoticon () and “Read More” text to inform viewers that there’s more information to be found.

Making use of using the Align Feature in Instagram Reels

One of the most popular features to use when creating Reels includes one of the most popular is the “align” option. This lets you film “trick shots” like holding your hand empty in one shot, snapping your fingers, and then having the object appear magically in the previously empty hand.

A lot of fashion-conscious celebrities also employ this technique. For example, a piece of clothing may be placed on a bed, or a pair of sneakers laid upon the floor in the front of them. Then, they will fall onto the bed or leap behind the shoes, and then, in the following picture, they will be wearing the outfit or pair of shoes.