7 Best Plants To Gift Your Loved One On A Special Occasion

Looking for a way to please a friend of yours who’s got a green thumb? Plants, rather than just flowers and leaves, are a sign of the sheer beauty of nature. They are also one of the most coveted choices for gifting, with the ability to make blues fade away effortlessly. In addition to the various mental and physical health advantages, plants also help cure a portion of our world at a time. So the next time you want to offer a wonderful indoor plant to someone, here are your seven best choices. From anniversaries, birthday parties, holidays, apologies, or just-because gifts plants and online flower delivery in delhi are a great present for any little celebration.

Lucky Bamboo

One of the most common Feng Shui gifts is Lucky bamboo — known for its ability to balance the five components of water, earth, wood, fire, and metal. It makes an ideal gift to wish your loved ones good health, prosperity, and longevity. It draws positive chi energy and fills the house with peace and harmony.  Make sure you pick the correct number of stalks when you order bamboo plants, as each number symbolizes different kinds of energy. The eastern or southern direction of the home is the best spot to hold the lucky bamboo.


Elegant and vibrant, orchids make a perfect gift for the plant-lover looking for something exclusive. Orchid Plant species have their own specific appearance, making it so that no two orchids look the same. Although they need a little extra care and love, orchids make up for that with a vibrant subtropical look. Orchids are fundamental to home decoration, making space startlingly lively.


We would sound extremely foolish not considering this unique houseplant. The cacti come in all shapes, sizes, colours and varieties that are distinct in their own sense. They need almost no attention at all,  making them distinct decor without a lot of effort. Be careful, however, that they may be a risky approach for those with pets or little kids.

Aloe Vera

You could recall this pleasant home plant. It provides the gel that we place on cuts and burns as the primary ingredient. To thrive, it doesn’t need to be watered too much, making it ideal for households who prefer plants with low maintenance. Let the soil dry out entirely between watering;  this could mean two or three weeks without watering, depending on how damp the place is.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily, also known by its Latin name, Spathiphyllum, is suitable for homeowners that don’t get a lot of sunshine, but still want to add green spaces to their living room. As a recommendation for air purification, they have also been listed by NASA and will shoot up beautiful white flowers a few times a year. The peace lily is the best choice if you wish to gift a plant as a loving gesture. The peace lily plant bears flowers that are great to order flower delivery in noida online and believed to extract toxins from the air. The plant is a stunning addition to private space with its dark green leaves and white flowers.


Succulents are one of the most common plants of the moment, making a great gift for grumpy gardeners. They are cared for quickly and always in style. Their color scheme varies from blue-green to red, pink, burgundy and many other colours and combinations. Succulent plants are by far the best option, as they are easy to take care of and come with tonnes of medical benefits. So if you can’t settle it on one, give your loved one a collection of succulents.

Money Plant

The most commonly found indoor plant online that is considered to bring good luck and wealth to the grower is the money plant. This plant is ideal for spreading good vibes to your loved ones, reducing the level of stress and creating a soothing effect in their home. It is a low-maintenance plant whose heart-shaped leaves give the interior a beautiful appearance. The money plant consumes chemical pollutants such as toluene, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene that are found in the air and releases fresh oxygen to breathe.

So get any of these plants and win the hearts of your dear ones!