How to Order Hygienic Meals on Train For Your Kids

The summer season is here, and despite the heat and perspiration, it is a happy time for kids. They have plenty of free time to play and have fun after putting in a lot of study time before their annual exams. Families have the opportunity to escape the monotony of everyday life during the summer breaks in the majority of educational institutions across the country. The biggest challenge for the thousands of parents who will be traveling with their children this year, as in years past, is finding Food on train that is both safe and hygienic for the kids.

As a parent, you can also take a chance with your food preferences, but risking your child’s health is a strict no-no for parents. Each year, the fun of traveling for many families is marred when their children get sick after eating unhygienic meals that are available in trains. However, we at Zoop also comprehend your needs. When taking the train, finding nutritious and hygienic meals for kids is a far cry. Thus, we made the decision to make amends this summer by offering a menu that has been especially selected for your children.

Why are Zoop Meals on trains currently the most secure food option?

23 lakh train passengers trust us, and more than 3, 16,000 Zoop users have Order Food on Train Online with us just in the last three months. We are happy to report that the majority of them thought our meals were hygienic, secure, and delectable. In addition, we at Zoop collaborate closely with our restaurant partners to guarantee that our devoted users always receive the cleanest meals possible. In order to ensure that hygienic snacks are offered to train passengers—there can be no compromises in this regard—we have also partnered with renowned FMCG brand ITC.

Top 5 kids’ items to order.

Now let’s talk about the kid-friendly menu options at Zoop Food on train . Although we wouldn’t describe the selection of items as extensive (though we are proud of what we have for adults), each and every one is hygienic and secure for your children. Let’s look at the top products you can order from the Zoop app for your children to use on a future train trip.

1: Simple khichdi.

It is the easiest thing to make and the safest food for kids to eat while traveling. The preferences of children and senior citizens are primarily taken into consideration when making plain khichdi. As a result, it is not overly spicy and very simple to digest.

We deliver this item in a special container so that there won’t be any mess while your child chooses to eat the food by himself to demonstrate his independence. While riding the train, you can purchase Plain Khichdi from a variety of locations.

2: Kids Thali.

Your child gets a small course to satisfy their hunger, unlike adults. And with that in mind, we have developed a unique Kids Thali. A few staple foods are included in the thali. You would receive some rice, roti, dal, and a side dish of seasonal veg or paneer.

Everything is prepared with your children’s delicate palates and digestive needs in mind. They are not overly greasy or spicy. .

3: Milk.

If you want to give your child fresh milk while traveling because they love it, Zoop will be happy to deliver it. Milk is delivered in a special thermos container so that it stays moderately warm and tastes good.

Only a few stations currently offer milk delivery, but if you continue to use these stations, we will add more stations to this list. So with Online Food Delivery In Train, you can also order milk. 

4. Add-ons non-spicy 

You can specify your Food on train  preferences when placing an order through the Zoop app. This range of possibilities allows you to alter a food item to suit your child’s dietary preferences.

Order Zoop’s Hakka Noodles if your child enjoys them, and in the comment section, ask the chef to prepare it with a child’s palate in mind. And the chef would unquestionably comply.

5. Snacks from ITC.

We recently collaborated with ITC to bring you some well-liked kid-friendly snack items. We recognize that your children enjoy binging on chips or cakes with chocolate coating.

So, order your favorite flavor of Bingo chips or Yumfills cakes from Zoop and let them munch away in the cleanest possible way. Allow them no access to the station-side snacks, even if they are packed.

At Zoop, we strive to find practical solutions to your ongoing travel issues. And we make it our mission to provide safe food for kids while we travel. Therefore, get Food Delivery in Train from Zoop the next time you travel with your child to ensure a safe trip for the little one’s stomach!