Chintan K Patel- Establishing A Close Tie With Nature And Her Assets

Have you been ever so close to nature that you felt that you are never going to feel that kind of acceptance from anyone else? Well, when you come close to a state of nature that provides a sense of tranquillity and acceptance, you feel that you are in touch with your actual soul. As one has seen in many of the images of Chintan k Patel, he always enjoys a very close association with nature. Nature often offers various options to people who wish to understand the intricacies of beauty. Chintan k Patel has come closer to nature with his association with some bright birds in Tennessee.

Chintan k Patel amidst Tennessee wilderness

In the midst of the wilderness, you can easily spot Chintan k Patel with a couple of birds perched on his hands. This is really a beautiful scene to observe as the young man is in perfect contrast with his surroundings. He is sporting a red checked shirt with shorts in the middle of greenery. The conditions look very amicable and a few birds can be seen perched on the fence as well. 

The Tennessee Mountains are home to several native and exotic birds which have found the place to be safe enough to develop their own habitat. Most of the areas are filled up with natural flora and fauna. It takes a true human being who also feels very close to nature to adjust to the circumstances and surroundings of the Tennessee Mountains.

Establishing a rapport with natural fauna

It has been agreed by several zoologists that it is not easy to bring a flying bird to calmness. It has been found that the people who are more sociable can discover a strong bond with birds. Chintan k Patel has coaxed two birds into his arms with the simple tricks of keeping his voice low and friendly. Most birds are scared of jumpy moves and sudden actions. Patel has found the prime trick to maintain peace with these birds without having to scare them off! It has been made very clear by the animal behavior experts that the wild birds only move to the arms of those who actually have an affinity towards animals.

The wild flora and fauna of the Tennessee Mountains have attracted tourists from different parts of the world. Chintan k Patel might have been one of the tourists at some point but his apparent closeness with nature has made him one with the entire surrounding. It is often great to envision the strong bond of a young boy with nature. Nature has dissipated over the last few years to a major extent because of extreme clashes with mankind. It is indeed heartening to see a young man like Chintan k Patel coming close to the roots of nature.

Coming close to nature

Chintan k Patel has proved again and again with his images on the social media platform that he feels an intricate bond with Mother Nature that cannot be severed at any cost. This bond must be inculcated among every young man or woman of the modern generation so that they do not forget the true roots to which they had once belonged!

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