Top 10 Orthopedic EMR Software

Technological advancements have been a boon for healthcare facilities and medical practices with their ability to manage administrative and other functions without manual intervention. Electronic medical report (EMR) software is one such advancement that has made the lives of those working in medical facilities easier.

To help you narrow down your search, here are the top 10 orthopedic EMR software that you can consider for your practice or facility:

  1. DrChrono

DrChrono is an EHR software that takes care of patient intake and care, revenue cycle management, billing, clinical charting, etc. The software provides customizing medical forms, real-time eligibility checks of the patients, e-prescription, scheduling tools, and a patient portal.

The software allows a user to track a patient’s information though its customizable as well as pre-built form template.

  1. athenahealth

athenahealth is a software offering cloud-based EHR services, medical billing, population health management, revenue cycle management, ambulatory EMR, care coordination, patient engagement, and much more. The homepage of the software allows users to view their daily schedules, patient information, incoming lab results, etc. The medical practice management services allows a user to check proactive trend analysis, daily responsibilities, custom bench marking, and more. 

Further, patients can go through the patient portal in order to go over their history, schedule appointments, pay bills, and sign forms. The software also sends reminders through text messages, phone calls, emails, etc. team monitoring software and alerts patients when their test results are available on the patient portal.

  1. ChARM

ChARM is a cloud-based EHR software that offers features like medical billing, practice management, telehealth, document management, inventory management and more, and is ideal for small independent practices as well as larger multi-specialty groups.

  1. Modernizing Medicine Healthcare IT Suite’s EMA

EMA by Modernizing Medicine Healthcare IT Suite is a cloud-based solution that helps medical healthcare specialties like ophthalmology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, etc. The software also houses an integrated audio and video telehealth.

  1. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is a software that is designed for organizations catering to physical therapy, mental health, and medical healthcare. It is also ideal for independent practices. The software includes features such as practice management, medical billing, telemedicine, reputation management, EHR, patient engagement, business intelligence reporting, and financial analytics. 

  1. AllegianceMD

AllegianceMD is a medical software system that is cloud-based and ideal for practices of small to mid sizes. The software also caters to ambulatory surgery centers. It offers practice management solutions that take care of billing as well as scheduling, and looks after the electronic medical record functions. The software also sees to the claim management process and e-prescribing of medication.

Through AllegianceMD, patients can fill in their medical history and other relevant information. The software hosts information such as patient allergies, prescriptions, medication-allergies, e-refills, etc. that allows a user to have all the necessary information of the patient at hand. 

  1. ChartLogic

CHartLogic is an ambulatory EHR solution that includes practice management, electronic medical records, revenue cycle management, patient portal, and e-prescription. It is catered toward a vast area of medicine, including surgical care and primary care. The software helps manage administrative activities such as scheduling, eligibility, claims, billing, registration, etc.

  1. Kareo

Kareo is an EHR that is web-based and offers medical billing as well as practice management. This software is ideal for small practices and small billing companies. The software allows ease of patient scheduling, insurance confirmation, takes care of delinquent accounts, manages collections, creates customized reports, and stores all of the patient documents. Kareo is apt for a number of medical specialities.

  1. Compulink

Compulink’s EHR solution is catered to specialized practices that include ophthalmology, optometry, mental health, ENT, orthopedics, podiatry, etc. The software is designed to speed up the process of documentation and ensure a practice workflow through features like online scheduling, practice management, patient portal, online bill payment, web registration, telehealth, lab integration, e-commerce, inventory management, optical POS, revenue management, and much more.

  1. PrognoCIS

PrognoCIS is cloud-based EHR software that offers a customizable EHR workflow catered toward clinics and hospitals. It offers features like telemedicine, easy documentation, patient portal, appointment scheduling, access to lab results, prescriptions, etc. and allows practitioners to communicate with the patients with ease.

Keeping the nature of your organization in mind, you can choose orthopaedic EMR software most suitable for your requirements.